2022-2023 On The Go

The Busy Gal Planner

  • CONVENIENTLY SIZED: This durable 6" x 9" planner can easily slide into a purse or bag for convenience and accessibility.
  • FULLY DATED: On the Go is fully dated, beginning July 1 and running through June 30.
  • EACH MONTH: A spacious monthly spread helps you keep track of appointments and commitments, and the following pages provide additional space for evaluating progress toward goals, keeping track of your monthly budget, and managing projects. Each month also includes a QR code to give you access to a helpful planning article article. But the highlight of each month is found in the spacious weekly spreads with plenty of room for to-do lists, routine tracking, weekly cleaning schedule, menu plans, and weekend activities.
  • GOAL SUCCESS: In addition to the monthly pages, On the Go includes the A.C.H.I.E.V.E. Training Guide, walking you step by step through the process of setting and achieving your goals.
  • HOLIDAY SECTION: Keep Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year planning convenient and accessible with the special holiday planning section.
On the Go is there to meet your need for organization and portability. With plenty of room for monthly scheduling, daily notes, and dinner plans, this purse-sized planner can go anywhere you go. Inset tabs help you quickly find your spot, while the A.C.H.I.E.V.E. Training Guide ensures that you know exactly how to use your planner to keep you on the path toward success. While you balance life at home and beyond, On the Go keeps everything you need right at your fingertips. LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE
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Learn to A.C.H.I.E.V.E. Goals with S.P.O.T. on Planning
ASPIRE - Creating a goal starts with aspiring! Answer six critical questions to understand what it will take to accomplish your goal.
CREATE GOAL - Using the information from the ASPIRE step, easily write your goal statement.
HIGHLIGHT BENCHMARKS - Break your goal down into manageable steps to help you chart your progress and stay on track to achieve your goal.
INCORPORATE S.P.O.T. - Create a schedule, plan each day, be well organized, and adopt habits to help you tackle your goal.
EVALUATE - Using your benchmarks, take time each week to evaluate your progress and determine if adjustments need to be made.
VISUALIZE SUCCESS - Keep yourself encouraged by making note of positive progress and achievements toward your goal.
EARN REWARD - Find small ways to reward progress along the way toward the big reward of reaching your goal!
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Price $29.95
ISBN 978-1-949828-30-6
Condition New
Publisher Well Planned Gal
Academic Year July 2022 - June 2023
Page Count 240
Format Spiral Bound
Dimensions 6(w) x 9(h) inches
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this planner replace Well Planned Day, or do I need both?

If you only have one student, only have a preschooler, or are using a curriculum that has lesson plans in place, then On the Go is all you need! If you need to create lesson plans, however, Well Planned Day has better space for accomplishing that purpose. The other exception is if you have a high school student and can use the 4 Year High School Plan.

Can the On the Go planner work with my students?

The On the Go does not have academic pages like our high school, college, and student planners. However, depending on your young adult daughter's needs, On the Go is great for time management and daily tasks.

Is there blank note space?

In addition to plenty of beautifully designed pages for laying out projects and plans, On the Go has a set of blank note-taking pages at the beginning of the planner and an additional two-page spread of note pages in each monthly section.

How can I use On the Go in conjunction with Well Planned Day?

While Well Planned Day is designed to keep everything in one place, many moms love the flexibility of being able to carry an On the Go with them as well! It can be used to keep track of life beyond homeschooling, as a prayer journal, or as a work management tool for the work-at-home mom.

Is On the Go only for moms, or would it also work for single young women who are not in school?

Although many of the articles in On the Go were written with a busy mom in mind, everything about this planner is designed to be versatile. Women of all ages and from all walks of life have found On the Go to be very useful and applicable to their planning and organizational habits.

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