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Encourage Independent Learning!

  • FULLY DATED: The Student Planner is fully dated, beginning July 1 and running through June 30.
  • EACH MONTH: A spacious 2-page monthly spread helps students learn how to keep up with the family schedule as well as anything they are involved in on their own. Monthly and weekly quotes and Scripture verses offer encouragement and inspiration throughout the year.
  • CONVENIENT SIZE: This 6" x 9" planner fits easily into a backpack for convenience and accessibility.
  • MANAGE TIME: Step-by-step instructions guide students through creating and maintaining routines.

When our children are middle schoolers, we often feel like there’s a lot of time left to teach and train them. After all, high school is still a few years away, and graduation four years beyond that! But, it all tends to sneak up on us, and we suddenly realize just how much last-minute preparation we need to pour into our students.

That’s one of the reasons early time management training is so important, and middle school is a perfect time to start! Middle schoolers are at an ideal stage of learning to begin grasping time management skills, and the Student Planner is here to help. Specially designed to train middle schoolers to develop routines, keep track of assignments, and manage general life tasks, the Student Planner helps lay foundations that will carry your child solidly through high school and into adulthood. LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE


Planner Features

  • How to Plan
  • Semester Reading Goals
  • 2 Page Monthly Calendar Page
  • Monthly Notes Pages
  • 2 Page Spacious Weekly Layout
  • Creating a Rhythm
  • Daily Routine Tracker
  • Time Management Tips

Educational Reference

  • Parts of Speech, Punctuation, & Prepositions
  • Capitalization Rules & Commonly Misspelled Words
  • Conversion Tables & Equivalent Measurements
  • Multiplication Table, Roman Numerals, & Symbols
  • States, Capitals, & U.S. Presidents
  • Branches of Government & U.S. Wars
  • World Continents and Countries
  • Solar Systems
  • Space Missions & Astronauts

Bonus Features

Step by Step Instructions

The planner opens with a comprehensive article outlining how to best utilize each section of the planner.

Weekly Layout

In an effort to keep students on task, the weekly layout includes designated areas for daily assignments, practice, and chores. This should aid students in remembering to plan for each area of life.


After establishing daily routines with your student, they can utilize the Weekly Routine Tracker to check off completion. Add Morning and Evening Routine Charts from Peel & Plan to make it even easier to track routines!


This year I have added even more fun to the line of planner accessories! From snap-on covers, folders, and bookmarks to elastic bands and more, you can find a wide variety of options to enhance your planner. All accessories are sold separately.

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Price $8.47
ISBN student-boy-2023-2024
Grade Elementary, Middle School
Condition New
Publisher Well Planned Gal
Academic Year July 2023 - June 2024
Page Count 176
Format Spiral Bound
Dimensions 6(w) x 9(h) inches
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Frequently Asked Questions

You probably still have some questions about the Student planners.

I understand! You want to make sure that this is the system for you!

Let me share with you just a few of the questions our customers frequently ask.

What age is this planner recommended for?

This planner is designed for students in 5th-8th grade, but it can be used as early as 3rd grade. Strong reading and writing skills are good indicators that your student is ready to learn how to use their own planner. Some parents even merge copywork and planner training by having their students copy assignments from the main planner into their planner.

How do I encourage time management skills in children too young for this planner?

Check out the routine, chore, and schedule charts from Peel & Plan! These colorful sticker charts can stick and re-stick to any surface and allow you to easily help young children develop morning and evening routine habits, keep up with chores, and stay on track with the family schedule.

How do my students use the routine boxes?

Does your student have sets of tasks that are the same each morning and evening? For instance, what does his or her morning or bedtime routine look like? Each day, after completing their morning and evening routine, your student can check the boxes for that day. Find more detailed information in the "How to Use Your Planner" article in the planner.

Does this planner replace a need for Well Planned Day?

Although middle schoolers can learn to keep up with a great deal on their own, they're probably not quite ready to be independently responsible for school assignments yet. Well Planned Day, My Well Planned Day online planner and lesson plans, or a curriculum with established lesson plans are still a good idea.

These are the most commonly asked questions, but you might have more. If so, we encourage you to contact us at customerservice@wellplannedgal.com with any additional questions about Well Planned Day or any of our other planners and accessories!