2023-2024 College Planner

Becoming an Organized and Productive Adult!

  • FULLY DATED: The College Planner is fully dated, beginning July 1 and running through June 30.
  • EACH MONTH: A spacious 2-page monthly spread helps students with appointments and monthly scheduling. Each month also includes space for planning projects and tracking goals. Assignments, due dates, daily work, and routines can be maintained on each week's 2-page spread.
  • CONVENIENT SIZE: This 6" x 9" planner fits easily into a backpack for convenience and accessibility.
  • MANAGE TIME: Step-by-step instructions guide college students through creating routines, building a schedule, tracking daily activity, and setting goals.
  • LIFE SKILLS: Life and time management tips are including each month on the project planning page as well as on each weekly spread.

It is no secret that poor time management is the source of a great deal of the stress college students experience. Assignments are remembered last-minute, causing far too many all-nighters. Recreation is just sprinkled here and there instead of intentionally enjoyed. Meanwhile, keeping up with finances, financial aid deadlines, and other random tasks and needs can be a struggle.

The simple act of creating a schedule and a budget can make an incredible different in the college years. And, having it all in one place makes it even easier! Well Planned Gal’s College Planner is specially designed for keeping track of assignments, due dates, to-do lists, special dates, finances, and more. With helpful articles and worksheets built in, students can learn how to build routines and budgets, find plenty of time for rest and fun, and enjoy a healthy and full college year. LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE


College Planners

As my daughters finished high school, they each chose a different path for higher education. For one, it was a small classical college; another chose a technical school; and yet another decided to attend a state college. As I watched them manage their time, I realized they were experiencing the transition between the teen years and adulthood.

At this point in their lives, they needed more than a planner for school assignments. They needed a systematic approach to time management for juggling school, job, relationships, and activities. With this in mind, I created a college planner that allows them to assess how they spend their time, manage money, and set goals. As well, the weekly spread is intentionally designed to navigate class schedules and assignment due dates.

Planner Features

  • What to Bring to College Checklist
  • Semester Goals & Book Lists
  • Large Grid Monthly Calendar Page
  • Monthly Budgeting & Meal Planning
  • 2-Page Spacious Weekly Layout
  • Assignment Scheduling & Grading
  • Semester Success

Bonus Features

Step by Step Instructions

The planner opens with a comprehensive article outlining how to best utilize each section of the planner. A two-page spread shows how to utilize the planner with a real life example of a college student's week.

Weekly Layout

With designated areas each day for assignments due, homework assigned during class, and work to do at night, college students can keep course work on track, never missing a deadline.

Life Skills

Each week, students are challenged with questions about real life skills. From finances and taxes to resumes, jobs, and home management, my goal is to get students thinking about becoming an adult.


Routine blocks on each weekly spread allow students to check off completion of morning and evening routines.

Professor and Scholarship Worksheet

Keep a log of professor contact information and available meeting times. Also track important dates for scholarship deadlines.

Time Management Worksheet

Find instructions on how to track and manage time, accompanied by worksheets. This tool helps students recognize where time is spent and how to adjust to incorporate all their responsibilities.

Money Skills and Budgeting Worksheet

Learn how to set up a budget and find answers to common money questions in this article. Each month, students will find an additional worksheet for tracking their budgets.

Setting Goals and Worksheet

This section includes step-by-step instructions on how to set goals in all areas of life and a worksheet to plan and execute those goals. Each month has a goal tracking area.

Courses, Booklist, and Schedule

Plan up to 9 courses each semester. Track course details and books needed and create a detailed daily schedule.


Enjoy even more fun with my full line of planner accessories! From snap-on covers, folders, and bookmarks to elastic bands, pens, pencils, and more, you can find a wide variety of options to enhance your planner. All accessories are sold separately.

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Academic Year July 2023 - June 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions

You probably still have some questions about the College planners.

I understand! You want to make sure that this is the system for you!

Let me share with you just a few of the questions our customers frequently ask.

Is this planner for young adults in general, or specifically for college students?

The College Planner is specifically designed for managing class loads, so it will not be beneficial to young adults in general. On the Go or the upcoming custom planner option would be a better choice for non-students.

Would this planner work for students at a technical college or in some other training setting?

Any setting that includes course or class assignments and deadlines would be a good fit for the College Planner.

Can this planner replace the planners some colleges are currently requiring for their students?

Students desiring to use the College Planner in place of a required planner purchase will need to communicate with their school directly to determine whether or not the College Planner is an acceptable substitute. We have, however, had students contact us to let us know that they find that this planner fits their needs better than the required planner options. They tend to purchase both and fill out the minimum required options in the required planner while using this one as their primary.

These are the most commonly asked questions, but you might have more. If so, we encourage you to contact us at customerservice@wellplannedgal.com with any additional questions about Well Planned Day or any of our other planners and accessories!

How to Use

Using Your College Planner


College offers a brand new adventure. Along the way, though, there is much to keep up with: classes, homework, extracurricular activities, a work schedule, finances, and more.

The College Planner is a resource small enough to slide into your bag or keep beside you on your desk, yet large enough to help you balance all of the various aspects of college life.

Growing Up!


Unlike many of my other planners, the idea for a college planner did not necessarily spring from a need seen in my own life or that of my children. Instead, as I developed resources that met our needs, I saw young adult friends, both from within and outside the homeschool community, who struggled with time, life, and financial management during the college years. Although there were resources targeted for adults or for the college life, nothing quite fit what I knew my own children would want or need if they chose the college route.