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Well Planned Gal

Preschool Lesson Plans


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Preschoolers learn best through play, but often they beg for the opportunity to “do school” with their older siblings. Well Planned Lessons are here to help! With 30-60 minutes of daily, structured learning time, the PreK edition of Well Planned Lessons helps you broaden your preschooler’s academic horizons while still honoring a young child’s need for play.

Here are just a few of the skills covered in PreK Lesson Plans:

  • Bible: learn how to live for the glory of God
  • Math: learn number recognition, counting, shapes, and more
  • History:discover different cultures both past and present
  • Science: explore wild and domestic animals
  • Language Arts: learn the alphabet, letter recognition, and phonological awareness
  • Art & Music: learn basic colors and shapes and explore music through Bible songs that aid in Scripture memory

So, what are you waiting for? Order your Well Planned Lessons today!

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Preschool Lesson Plans Overview


The goal for this year is to get your child used to structured learning and broaden his or her horizons. Some children may devour the information you give them. Others may not be interested at all. Take your cues from your child. If he or she does not want to do “school,” put the books away and try later. Why spoil his or her love for learning for the sake of one worksheet or letter puzzle?

Amount of Time

Each day’s lesson has enough activities for thirty to sixty minutes of academics. If your child is enjoying a particular activity, let him or her continue. If your student is bored or tired, move on to something else. The lessons are not designed to be a burden for you or your student.


What happens if your child wants more? Choose some of the themes from the lessons and get books from the library for your child to browse. Read favorite storybooks out loud. Give free access to basic art supplies such as paper, crayons, and stickers. At this age, unstructured activities are just as important as structured ones.


In Bible, your student will learn how to live for the glory of God. In math, he or she will learn number recognition, counting, shapes, and more. History/social studies covers different cultures both past and present. Science emphasizes wild and domestic animals. Language arts teaches the alphabet, letter recognition, and phonological awareness. In art, your child will learn basic colors and shapes. Music focuses on Bible songs and Scripture memorization.


This program is designed to meet your needs. It is set up with a 36-week, 180-day lesson plan. In the last few weeks, you will find fewer activities so that you can catch up or explore other areas of interest. Do not feel pressured to complete every activity. If it is boring, too difficult, or too easy, skip it and go on to something more appropriate. This program seeks to give you the tools to meet your child’s educational needs.

Additional Information

ISBN 978-1-942192-29-9
Grade Preschool
Condition New
Publisher Well Planned Gal
Page Count 90
Format Paperback
Weekly Sample No
Price $39.95


Below you will find all of the books used in your Well Planned Lessons guide. Click on the book title to explore purchasing options for each book.
Note: Package totals are based on retailer prices and subject to change.
Complete Kit: $227.28
Big Book of Things to Spot by Gillian Doherty, Anna Milbourne, Ruth Brocklehurst

Your student will enjoy this seek-and-find book. The pages are colorful, and the times and places are real. It is used for both history/social studies and science to introduce students to the interesting world around them.

The Never Bored Kids Book 2

This workbook covers a broad spectrum of subjects including math, social studies, science, language arts, and art. It is the product around which most of the PreK activities are formed. Your student will be assigned two or three pages to be completed two to four times per week. Also used in math, language arts, and art.

Lacing & Tracing Dinosaurs

Nearly every child likes dinosaurs. These colorful lace-and-trace dinosaurs will help your student develop fine motor skills necessary for writing while thinking about these fun animals. You can also use them to help your student learn to count and follow simple instructions.

Number Puzzle Boards & Pegs

This product is used to teach number identification, number sense, and counting. Your student will enjoy matching the puzzle pieces, placing pegs in the holes, and counting.

Primer Pak

The Primer Pak includes lacing and tracing shapes, a letter puzzle, Locktagons, and mini shape puzzles. The lacing and tracing shapes can be used to teach fine motor skills, shapes, and art, while the letter puzzle is a fun way to teach pre-reading skills. The Locktagons help with fine motor skills, color recognition, and spatial awareness, and the mini shape puzzles teach shape and color recognition, sorting, and counting. Also used in language arts.

Shape and Color Sorter

As your student interacts with this sorting toy, he or she learns valuable skills such as color recognition, shape recognition, visual discrimination, counting, and categorizing. These skills transfer to a wide range of subjects including art, math, language arts, and science. Also used in language arts and art.

Lace & Link Lowercase Letters

This product offers a multi-sensory way to learn letter recognition. In addition, your student will learn fine and gross motor skills.

All About Reading Pre-Reading

Your student will join Ziggy the Zebra as he explores letter recognition, phonological awareness, print awareness, and listening comprehension.

Complete Kit: $309.03
Big Thoughts for Little People by Kenneth N. Taylor

This gem of a book will use the alphabet to teach your student how to live a life glorifying to God. Includes seek-and-find pictures, discussion questions, poetry, and memory verses

Wedgits Deluxe Set - 30 Piece Set

This unique building set will help your student with spatial relationships. You can have your student construct something from the book, replicate something from a picture, or build an original creation.

Wee Sing Bible Songs by Pamela Conn Beall and Susan Hagen Nipp

You and your student will enjoy these classic and new songs and poems. In the lesson plans, songs are coordinated with the weekly themes drawn from Big Thoughts for Little People.

Hide ‘Em in Your Heart Volume 1 by Steve Green

Every song in this collection is based on a Bible verse and sung by famous Christian musician Steve Green. In the lesson plans, songs are coordinated with the weekly themes drawn from Big Thoughts for Little People

Hide ‘Em in Your Heart Volume 2 by Steve Green

Every song in this collection is based on a Bible verse and sung by famous Christian musician Steve Green. In the lesson plans, songs are coordinated with the weekly themes drawn from Big Thoughts for Little People.

Complete Kit: $352.89
Jr. Rainbow Blocks

These colorful blocks will help your student learn colors, shapes, and spatial awareness. In the lessons, you will find these assigned as a time for free play.

Tall Stacker Pegs & Pegboard

Students will enjoy sorting, counting, and stacking pegs. They are used to teach visual discrimination, categorizing, counting, addition, and subtraction. Also used in art and language arts.

Kids Puzzle

Explore all the different shapes and sizes of children with this one-of-a-kind crepe puzzle. Use the pieces for patterning, sequencing, categorizing, counting, and tracing. The frame itself can be used as a stencil to create pictures.


New school supplies always add a little fun to each new school year! Here is a list of suggested school supplies that will round out your curriculum and help make the school year run smoothly!

These general supplies are great for homeschool students of all ages! Look for these supplies at your favorite local supermarket.

3-ring Binder


Die Cut Letters

Drawing Paper

Dry-Erase Board

Glue Stick

Hole Punch

Index Cards

Kitchen Timer


Magazine Holders

Magnifying Glass

Pencil Box

Pencil Sharpener

Play Money

Post-It Notes

Poster Board


Reward Sticker


Scrapbook Paper

Spiral Bound Notebooks

Staple Remover


Storage Cart


Tissues for the Bad Days

White Out

Word Strips


Here are a few more supplies that are specifically tailored to your early learner, most of which can also be found at your favorite local store.

Bingo Markers


Construction Paper


Finger Paints


Paint Smock

Pipe Cleaners

Play Doh


Poster Paints

Seasons Calendar

Sidewalk Chalk

Stamps Set


Watercolor Paints

Wooden Craft Sticks


Here are a few more supplies to consider that cannot always be found at your favorite general supply store. If you need help finding these items, click on each supply to be directed to a great online source.

Chore Chart

Play Money

Counting Bears

Magnetic Letters

Seasons Calendar


How can you know you are getting the best value for your preferred curriculum style as you shop? Here is a handy chart to help you see an average cost estimate for a variety of complete early learning curriculum options.

All estimates below consider the cost of lesson plans, instructor's guides, and resources needed for a complete foundational education for children in the Starting Out (PreK - 1st Grade) grades.

Well Planned Lessons Kits
Boxed Curriculum Kits
Eclectic Curriculum Kits
Online Schooling
Private School

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