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Well Planned Gal

5th Grade Cultures & Ideas Lesson Plans


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By fifth grade, most students are well equipped academically and emotionally to proceed through their day with a great deal of independence. Thanks to tear-out lesson plans, Well Planned Lessons provide the perfect resource for solidifying your child’s independence while covering all of the academic essentials. Each day’s lesson has enough activities to for 1-2 ½ hours of school. And, if your child still wants more, find tips for supplementing the lesson plans.

Here are just a few of the skills covered in 5th Grade Cultures & Ideas:

  • Bible: learn about the origins of the Bible and learn Christian character through allegories
  • Math: learn whole numbers, multiplication, division, fractions, triangles, ratio, angles, decimals, percentage, average, rate, graphs, 4-sided figures, tessellation, and volume
  • History: cover the Middle Ages, the Reformation, the Renaissance, the 16th Century, and the 17th Century
  • Science: explore science from a historical perspective
  • Language Arts: learn phonological awareness, encoding, the basics of grammar, composition, and creative writing
  • Art & Music: learn to create art with colored pencils, markers, and paint, and explore the great composers

With a great history cycle layout, 5th Grade Cultures & Ideas can be combined with Cultures & Ideas from other grades to make teaching multiple grades a cinch! So, what are you waiting for? Order your Well Planned Lessons today!

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5th Grade Cultures & Ideas Overview

Amount of Time

Each day’s lesson has enough activities to for about 1-2 ½ hours of school. If your child is enjoying a particular activity, let him or her continue. If your student is bored or tired, move on to something else or take a break. The lessons are not designed to be a burden for you or your student.


What happens if your child wants more? Choose some of the themes from the lessons and get books from the library for your child to browse. Read favorite storybooks out loud. Videos are also a terrific option. Give free access to basic art supplies such as paper, crayons, markers, colored pencils, and paints. Visit museums and nature centers.


In Bible, you and your student will learn about the origins of the Bible and learn Christian character through allegories. In math, he or she will learn whole numbers, multiplication, division, fractions, triangles, ratio, angles, decimals, percentage, average, rate, graphs, 4-sided figures, tessellation, and volume. History/social studies covers the Middle Ages, the Reformation, the Renaissance, the 16th Century, and the 17th Century. Science emphasizes the science from a historical perspective. Language arts teaches phonological awareness, encoding, the basics of grammar, composition, and creative writing. In art, your child will be exposed to fine arts and learn to create art with colored pencils, markers, and paint. Music focuses on great composer


This program is designed to meet your needs. It is set up with a 36-week, 180-day lesson plan. In the last few weeks, you will find fewer activities so that you can catch up or explore other areas of interest. This program seeks to give you the tools to meet your child’s educational needs.

Record Keeping

Purchase a large three-ring binder and one divider for each subject. File worksheets, drawings, copywork, and things that you have written down for the child as a record of learning. If you would like to add more content, pick a topic and help the student write sentences about it. Include pictures of completed projects and experiments. Consider videoing plays, activities, or speeches. Check with your state to see what is expected for recording attendance and learning.

Additional Information

ISBN 978-1-942192-45-9
Grade Middle School, 5
Condition New
Publisher Well Planned Gal
Page Count 90
Format Paperback
Weekly Sample No
Price $39.95


Below you will find all of the books used in your Well Planned Lessons guide. Click on the book title to explore purchasing options for each book.
Note: Package totals are based on retailer prices and subject to change.

    Green boxes next to book titles indicate availability at your local library.

Complete Kit: $284.07
Use the Library: $226.98 (save $57.09)
Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History by Richard M. Hannula

Walk through the origins of the Christian faith with these biographical sketches. You and your student will learn together why we believe what we do.

    Famous Men of the Middle Ages by Rob Shearer, John H. Haaren, A.B. Poland

Includes world changers from the Middle Ages. The whole family will enjoy these biographical sketches.

    Medieval World by Jane Bingham

Journey all around the world during the Middle Ages. The pictures and small bits of information will grab your student’s attention, and both of you will look forward to learning together.

    Famous Men of the Renaissance and Reformation by Robert G. Shearer

These biographical sketches, presented in chronological order, are meaty yet easy to understand. All your students will enjoy hearing these stories.

    Famous Men of the 16th and 17th Centuries by Robert G Shearer

Even more biographical sketches to introduce your student to the greatest people of the 1500s and 1600s.

Science in the Ancient World Set by Dr. Jay L. Wile

Ninety lessons are divided into six units, each covering the major scientific discoveries of before Christ, after Christ, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance. Each lesson includes a hands-on experiment and questions suitable for children in K-6. If your student has difficulty with writing, consider having him or her draw a picture or narrate the answers.

Primary Math Textbook 5A US Edition

You and your student will work through the textbook together so that the student will learn how to apply mathematical concepts. Instruction in counting, addition, subtraction, length, weight, multiplication, and division is spread over sixteen weeks.

Primary Math Textbook 5B US Edition

You and your student will work through the textbook together so that the student will learn how to apply mathematical concepts. Instruction in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, money, fractions, time, graphs, geometry, and area is spread over sixteen weeks.

Primary Math Workbooks 5A and 5B US Edition

The workbook provides an opportunity for your student to practice what he or she learned from the textbook.

Primary Math Home Instructor’s Guide 5A and 5B US Edition

The instructor’s guide offers concrete examples of concepts, reinforcement, and practice.

Intermediate Language Lessons by Emma Serl

Your student will not get bored with these gentle language arts lessons. Each has something different such as a poem to memorize, dictation, debate, or a composition to write. Only Lessons 101-195 are assigned this year.

All About Spelling Level 6 by Marie Rippel

Watch your student’s spelling skills take off with this multi-sensory program that covers phonological awareness and encoding.

All About Spelling Interactive Kit

This kit provides multisensory learning tools to supplement Levels 1-7 of the All About Spelling program and helps you customize your student’s review process. NOTE: If you already own this kit, you do not need to purchase a new one. Also, most items can be shared between the Reading and Spelling Interactive Kits. Feel free to just purchase the Spelling Divider Cards and optional Spelling Review Box to combine with the Interactive Reading Kit.

Complete Kit: $469.60
Use the Library: $341.16 (save $128.44)
Tales of the Kingdom by David and Karen Mains

These allegorical tales of the gospel are set in the Middle Ages. Grab your princes and princesses to hear about the king of all.

    How the Bible Came to Us by Meryl Doney

As your student studies how we got the Bible as we know it, he or she will likely recognize some names and events that are studied in the history lessons. Everyone will come away with a high regard for the Word of God.

    Twice Freed by Patricia St. John

Journey back to the first century world. This fictional account of Onesimus, Paul, and Philemon will show your student what true freedom is.

    Dangerous Journey by Oliver Hunkin

This children’s version of Pilgrim’s Progress is a wonderful first meeting with John Bunyan’s classic work.

    The Sword of the Spirit: The Story of William Tyndale by Joyce McPherson

The Reformation comes alive with this biography of William Tyndale, the famous Bible translator.

    The River of Grace: The Story of John Calvin by Joyce McPherson

Famous for his Institutes of the Christian Religion, this reformer was forced to run for his beliefs. This biography will take you on the journey of Calvin’s life.

Meet the Great Composers: Classroom Kit, Book 2 by Maurice Hinson and June C. Montgomery

Each of the seventeen units includes a composer’s bio, a music study, and review activities. Units are assigned every other week. Between times, consider regularly listening to the music of the most recently studied composer.

I Can Do All Things by Barry Stebbing

Basic art instruction from a Christian perspective. The weekly assignments allow students a variety of activities for drawing, painting, making a journal, and appreciating art. Purchase a set of paint and marker cards for each additional student.

    The Door in the Wall by Marguerite De Angeli

Fiction is a gentle way to learn history. Join Robin as he searches for a way to serve his king that does not involve becoming a knight.

    The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made by Larry Christenson

This biblical look at human reproduction is assigned later in the year. If you feel that it would be inappropriate at this time, put it off for another year or two.

The Body Book: Easy-to-Make Hands-on Models That Teach by Donald M. Silver and Patricia J. Wynne

Give your student the opportunity to see how the human body actually works. The hands-on projects are assigned periodically throughout the year.

Complete Kit: $631.84
Use the Library: $455.91 (save $175.93)
KEVA Planks

These planks will challenge everyone. Let your children use them for independent learning that builds spatial, mathematical, and fine motor skills.

Big Book of Things to Spot by Gillian Doherty, Anna Milbourne, Ruth Brocklehurst

Your student will enjoy this seek-and-find book. The pages are colorful, and the times and places are real. It is used for both history/social studies and science to introduce students to the interesting world around them.

Easy-to-Make Castle by A. G. Smith

This hands-on project will be a nice break from “book work.”

Galileo and the Stargazers CD by Jim Weiss

Gather around to hear Jim Weiss tell the stories of Archimedes and Galileo. Listening time corresponds with the history and science lessons.

    Starting Chess by Harriet Castor and Rebecca Treays

Chess has remained a favorite pastime since the Middle Ages. Help your student develop logic skills with this introduction.

    The Ocean of Truth: The Story of Sir Isaac Newton by Joyce Mcpherson

Nearly everyone celebrates Newton’s scientific accomplishments, but not everyone recognizes his Christian faith. Learn about this godly scientist with this biography.

    A Piece of the Mountain: The Story of Blaise Pascal by Joyce Mcpherson

Did you know that Pascal was homeschooled? As an adult, he became widely known for his work in science and mathematics. Gather your homeschool family around to hear his story.

    Galen and the Gateway to Medicine by Jeanne Bendick

Galen, the ancient Greek physician, made significant discoveries in anatomy, physiology, and medicine. This narrative is an edifying read for all ages.

    Artist of the Reformation: Albrecht Durer by Joyce McPherson

Most people do not think of Durer as anything more than an artist. However, he was interested in business, writing, teaching, and theology. Get to know him.


New school supplies always add a little fun to each new school year! Here is a list of suggested school supplies that will round out your curriculum and help make the school year run smoothly!

These general supplies are great for homeschool students of all ages! Look for these supplies at your favorite local supermarket.

3-ring Binder

Bottle of Glue


Die Cut Letters

Drawing Paper

Dry-Erase Board

Glue Stick

Hole Punch

Index Cards

Kitchen Timer


Loose Leaf Paper

Magazine Holders

Magnifying Glass

No. 2 Pencils

Pencil Box

Pencil Sharpener


Pink Eraser

Play Money

Pocket Folder

Post-It Notes

Poster Board


Reward Sticker



Scrapbook Paper

Spiral Bound Notebooks

Staple Remover


Storage Cart


Tissues for the Bad Days

Washable Markers

White Out

Word Strips


Here are a few more supplies to consider that cannot always be found at your favorite general supply store. If you need help finding these items, click on each supply to be directed to a great online source.

Chore Chart

Children’s Dictionary

Play Money

Student Planner


As you explore science this year, you’ll get to experience the joy of hands-on learning through experiments. Many of these experiments use items that you already have on hand or can easily add to your grocery list. To easily fill out the rest of your supplies, check out this option!

Science in the Ancient World Lab Kit

Find everything you need in one place with this all-inclusive lab kit.


How can you know you are getting the best value for your preferred curriculum style as you shop? Here is a handy chart to help you see an average cost estimate for a variety of complete elementary curriculum options.

All estimates below incorporate the cost of instructor's guides/lesson plans and answer keys; the primary subjects of history, science, math, and language arts; and variable electives such as Bible, art, music, and logic/critical thinking.

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