Manage Schedule, Calendar, & Groceries With Ease

Planner Peel Bundle

Do you need a way to keep the schedule, your calendar, and the meal planning needs together and visible? Peel & Plan’s reusable sticker charts provide the perfect solution!

They can stick to any surface, be removed, then stick again with ease. You can even use special Peel & Plan Markers to write on your chart, then wipe with a damp cloth to erase!

Best of all, Peel & Plan has designed a custom set of charts to perfectly coordinate with your planner. And as a Well Planned Gal Insider, you can even get your 3-peel set at an exclusive price! So, grab your bundle and manage your details with ease!

Each bundle contains a Busy Gal Schedule, Grocery Shopping List, and Wall Calendar with 2 black markers and a marker wall holder.

Size: 5x7
Retail: $39.75
Size: 8x10
Retail: $54.75
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