Homeschool Assessments
Discover educational gaps
and academic strengths!

Homeschool Assessments
Discover educational gaps
and academic strengths!

"We have looked for something like this for years and The Well Planned Gal has nailed this series!!! In Missouri we don't have to test our students but we highly suggest testing them in some way at least every 3 years so that you know where your student(s) stand. I can't say enough good about this group of placement tests."


Do you feel overwhelmed trying to figure out
exactly what your child knows and what they might be missing?

We're all doing our best to educate and prepare our children for adulthood.

We dream of raising our kids to tackle any academic challenge.

We fall behind in our curriculum, have sick days, and hope the school work is sinking in.

At Well Planned Gal, we constantly ask how we can better evaluate our homeschooling efforts.

One way we do so is with annual assessment tests, ensuring progress and peace of mind.

As a mom of five, I began giving my kids achievement tests at an early age.

After teaching them how to fiill in the small circles and sharpen their number 2 pencils, the kids would walk into the classrooms, doors would close, and testing would begin. Six weeks later, I would receive test reports which gave vague indications of how each child was doing.

Over the years, I sought an assesment option that would help me choose the best curriculum, cover information unknown to my child, and fill in any educational gaps. Unfortunately, none of the tests I found accomplished this goal. That needed to change!

Recognizing the need, I developed a one-of-a-kind, easy-to-use assessment and placement test for parents and children to work through together.

There’s nothing like facing your homeschool days with enthusiasm and confidence. As homeschool moms, our kids are counting on us to prepare them academically. I'm excited to share the tool that can help you identify educational gaps and academic strengths, ensuring progress and success!

One-of-a-Kind, Easy-to-Use Assessments and Placement Tests for Parents and Students to Work Through Together

Discover where your child stands academically so you can meet them exactly where they are and guide them along their journey with the care, attention, and rigor they need to thrive.

Well Planned Start Assessments are not another useless standardized test that tells you little about what your students really know, where they need help, or how to support them.

Our assessments were developed to allow parents to identify exactly where their child needs help and where they excel. Each placement includes guidelines and instructions to evaluate student proficiency while assessing the exact point of a student’s understanding of specific processes, procedures, and information.

Here’s what’s included in Well Planned Start Assessments for each grade level:

  • Parent Assessment: Become familiar with what your student knows and begin dialogues to understand their depth of understanding in each subject.
  • Student Placement: Discover the specific areas students excel and need help in. Learn what to watch for as the student works through the questions so you can identify where the breakdown begins in the process.
  • Cover Core Subjects and More: History, Science, Math, Language Arts, and Bible
  • Plan of Action Worksheets: Receive structure and guidelines to help you write out a plan for what your child needs to cover after completing the assessment.
  • Parent Teaching Tips and Suggestions: Find practical teaching tips and activity suggestions for every concept covered in the placement. Use these suggested activities to strengthen low-scoring areas, keep your child challenged, fill in gaps, and more!
  • Physical, Emotional, and Academic Milestone Checklists: Get a checklist of milestones, including a year-long guide on what to expect from your child, what they should achieve, what they may achieve, and even advanced achievements.

Assessment results provide parents with a starting point for choosing the best curriculum, establishing a plan for strengthening weak areas, and filling in educational gaps as needed.

Every child struggles in some areas of learning and shines in others.

Even the brightest students face stumbling blocks, and the students who generally have a hard time still breeze through some subjects with ease. We all have our own unique gifts and challenges.

Well Planned Start Assessments equip you to meet challenges with proficiency, confidence, and grace.

Well Planned Start KG Assessment
Kindergarten - $29.95
An assessment for a rising 1st grader or a guide for the kindergarten school year.

Well Planned Start 1st Grade Assessment
1st Grade - $29.95
An assessment for a rising 2nd grader or a guide for the 1st grade school year.

Well Planned Start 2nd Grade Assessment
2nd Grade - $29.95
An assessment for a rising 3rd grader or a guide for the 2nd grade school year.

Well Planned Start 3rd Grade Assessment
3rd Grade - $29.95
An assessment for a rising 4th grader or a guide for the 3rd grade school year.

Well Planned Start 4th Grade Assessment
4th Grade - $29.95
An assessment for a rising 5th grader or a guide for the 4th grade school year.

Well Planned Start 5th Grade Assessment
5th Grade - $29.95
An assessment for a rising 6th grader or a guide for the 5th grade school year.

Well Planned Start 6th Grade Assessment
6th Grade - $29.95
An assessment for a rising 7th grader or a guide for the 6th grade school year.

Well Planned Start 7th Grade Assessment
7th Grade - $29.95
An assessment for a rising 8th grader or a guide for the 7th grade school year.

Well Planned Start 8th Grade Assessment
8th Grade - $29.95
An assessment for a rising 9th grader or a guide for the 8th grade school year.

Well Planned Start 9th Grade Assessment
9th Grade - $29.95
An assessment for a rising 10th grader or a guide for the 9th grade school year.

Well Planned Start 10th Grade Assessment
10th Grade - $29.95
An assessment for a rising 11th grader or a guide for the 10th grade school year.

Well Planned Start 11th Grade Assessment
11th Grade - $29.95
An assessment for a rising 12th grader or a guide for the 11th grade school year.

Well Planned Start 12th Grade Assessment
12th Grade - $29.95
An assessment for a graduating student or a guide for the 12th grade school year.

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably still have some questions about Well Planned Start assessment tests.

I understand! You want to make sure that this is the test for your child!

Let me share with you just a few of the questions our customers frequently ask.

Is Well Planned Start test a printed or digital product?

Great question! Well Planned Start is a printed book, with perforated pages for easy tear-out. When you order, you can expect the test to ship within 48 hours!

How long does it take to administer the test?

Because this is not a timed test, nor does it require that your student complete it all in one day, administration time will vary from student to student. Some will be able to complete the whole assessment in 1-2 hours while other students will need more time. The flexible structure allows you to stop and start as you need to, even stretching the assessment out across multiple days if that is less stressful for your child.

How do I interpret the results?

The Parent Guide offers step-by-step instructions to guide you through interpreting results. Each subject section will be graded separately, so based on the number of questions missed, you'll be able to see if your student has "gaps" in this subject that need to be filled, or if you may want to consider repeating a grade for this subject. Each subject is broken down into sections so you can quickly see if the majority of questions missed are in one specific area of the subject, or if it's the subject overall that your student is struggling with.

How is this different from standardized testing in schools?

Standardized tests compare an individual student's performance on the test with that of other students at their grade level to determine if they fall within the average for students in that grade. They typically do not include a breakdown of which questions a student missed in a particular section, though. Because the Well Planned Start assessments are parent administered and graded, there is no comparison to other students at that grade level, but you do know exactly which questions were missed in each section to better plan for addressing any gaps or struggles your student has.

Are the tests returnable if I decide not to use them?

No, the Well Planned Start assessments may not be returned if you change your mind about using them.

Which grade do I purchase?

Choose the assessment test based on the grade your student just completed. For example, if your student just finished 2nd grade, you will choose the 2nd grade test. If desired, you can also purchase the 3rd grade test to help you plan for the coming year, either to determine what your child already knows or to ensure that you don't leave any gaps in your planning.

How do I "grade" the assessment?

Each assessment includes an answer key that you can use to grade each section. There's also space for recording the number of missed answers in each section. You can compare this information to the suggested guidelines included in the assessment to determine whether your student is on grade level for this subject, may need to repeat it, or may be able to skip ahead.

Do I need to do this every year?

Because every curriculum is unique, it's often helpful to use an annual assessment that is not connected to your chosen curriculum. This helps you to see if the curriculum has any gaps that you were unaware of and lets you know if you need to supplement in any way. If you're just starting out homeschooling and you're unsure what grade level your child is at, then the assessments are a great tool for zooming in on that and helping you plan for the upcoming school year. You may also choose to administer the assessments at certain points, such as prior to the start of middle school or high school to ensure that your student is ready to move onto the next stage of their education.

Can I use this to meet my state's reporting requirements?

States that require testing scores to be submitted each year typically require tests that compare a student's performance with that of other students at their grade level. Because Well Planned Start does not offer that, it probably would not fit the requirements for state reporting. If you are under an umbrella school that requires yearly assessments, then you would need to contact them directly to determine if Well Planned Start will meet their requirements for testing.