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Choose the style that fits your personality!

Enjoying a Well Planned Day isn't just practical, it's beautiful as well! Discover this beauty as you dive into planning and organization with our wide range of theme-coordinated products. Getting started is simple. Simply choose one of our delightful design themes below, then select the products you'd like to coordinate within that theme.

Wild Rose Designs

Brighten each day with the delicate teal color accompanied with lovely pinks and mauves in the stunning Wild Rose design. This floral design has nine cover options along with different monthly floral patterns, bringing brightness and cheer to your planning all year long!

Apple Blossom Designs

Enjoy the bloom of spring all year long with the beautiful floral tones of the Apple Blossom design. With nine cover options, as well as a delightful new design for each month of the year, this floral design will breathe fresh air into your planning week after week!

Venetian Designs

Fill your days with bright, cheerful colors with the fun and delightful Venetian design! The nine cover options and uniquely monthly designs include colorful shapes, floral accents, and even whimsical animals and plants to add a smile to your planning day after day.

Mid-Century Designs

If you love bold colors, shapes, and lines, the Mid-Century design is the perfect choice. With vibrant blues, greens, and yellows, this geometric design offers nine cover options and new designs to discover each month — along with a few curves and surprises to keep planning fresh and fun.

Goodnight Moon & Stars Designs

Spend your days enjoying the beauty of the night sky with the delightful Goodnight Moon & Stars design! Whether you love the night sky, all things space, or whimsical inspirations of the universe, the nine cover options and unique monthly designs of this fun theme cover it all.

Circles Designs

Enjoy a "full circle" of beautiful, bold designs this year with the colorful Circles design. Highlighting bold hues and playing on the many personalities of a circle, this geometric design includes nine delightful cover options and new designs for each month of the year.

Arts & Crafts Designs

Fill each day with color and creativity with the beautiful Arts & Crafts design. With bright, cheerful colors and a wide variety of artistic expression, the nine cover options and varied monthly designs will keep your creative juices flowing as you tackle scheduling and planning for each new week.

Applique Designs

The bright and cheery Applique design might cause you to want to dive into crafting and creating! With nine vibrant cover options and fun new designs each month, this beautiful design is sure to stir your creativity even as you tackle "normal" time management each week.