2020-2021 College Planners

Ease the Stress of the College Years

Much of the stress college students experience comes from poor time management. Leaving assignments to the last minute causes far too many all-nighters.

Help your young adults gain more independence with confidence

Irregular schedules can make getting everything done challenging as students struggle to juggle responsibilities while also finding time to relax and simply enjoy the college experience.

Meanwhile, keeping up with finances, financial aid deadlines, and other tasks and needs can feel overwhelming if they aren’t prepared.

The simple act of creating a schedule and a budget can make an incredible difference in the college years. And, having it all in one place makes it even easier!

Well Planned Gal’s College Planner is specially designed for keeping track of assignments, due dates, to-do lists, special dates, finances, and more.

Your college-aged students can learn how to build routines and budgets, finding plenty of time to enjoy a healthy and full college year!

College planner includes:
  • Fully dated 2-page monthly and weekly layouts with plenty of space for keeping track of assignments, due dates, and tasks
  • Step-by-step instructions to guide students through setting up daily routines
  • Checkboxes to help students break down tasks and follow routines diligently
  • Life skills and time management tips, helpful articles, and worksheets. From finances and taxes to resumes, jobs, and home management, now is the time to get students thinking about becoming an adult.

Plus it comes in a convenient 6" x 9" format—the perfect size for college students to carry in a backpack or purse—in your choice of fun designs.

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Beautiful one-year college planner 2019-2020

College Planner: Daisy


Systematic and attractive one-year college planner 2019-2020

College Planner: Frontier


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