2020-2021 Student Planners

Start Your Middle Schoolers on the Path to Success

Your kids are growing up fast. It’s never too early to start laying a solid foundation for high school, college, and lifelong success.

Learning time management and organizational skills will be just as important as every subject they learn.

Middle school is an ideal stage to begin grasping time management skills, and the Student Planner is here to help your kids...
  • Establish routines
  • Keep track of assignments
  • Manage general life tasks

Each planner is designed for homeschooled students and includes:
  • Fully dated 2-page monthly and weekly layouts with plenty of space for school assignments, daily practice, chores, and more
  • Step-by-step instructions to guide students through setting up daily routines
  • Checkboxes to help students break down tasks and follow routines diligently
  • Quick reference guides for grammar, math, geography, and astronomy

Plus it comes in a convenient 6" x 9" format — the perfect size for middle schoolers to keep up with easily — in your choice of fun designs.

BONUS: Free E-book with Purchase: Teaching Students to Plan

Teaching students how to manage their time, set goals, determine priorities, and plan accordingly is a life skill that will impact both their school days and their adult years. Teaching Students to Plan: A Well Planned Guide contains step-by-step articles that educate you on how to teach time management, begin developing independence in your students, and reward success along the way.

E-Book Chapters

  • Is Time Management a Subject?
  • Is Your Student Ready?
  • Teaching Time Management
  • Progressing Toward Independence
  • Make it Fun: Ideas for Rewarding Success
  • Reward Printables

Student: Wildflower
Student: Wilderness

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  • Homeschool Sticker Book
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  • Elastic Planner Band and Pen Holder
  • Mechanical Planner Pencils
  • Washi Tape 3 Pack: Vintage Stripes and Florals