2023-2024 High School Planner

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Mastering time management
and organizational skills while
preparing for adulthood.
Well Planned Day High School Planners

Mastering time management and organizational skills while preparing for adulthood.
Well Planned Day High School Planners

"I was kind of nervous about keeping up with everything when I first started high school. But, my mom handed me my first high school planner, and I immediately fell in love with it! I had used the student planner for a couple of years, but the high school version was even better - and it's only improved over the years. I'm now a senior, and this year's version is the best yet!"


With the teen years upon you, do you wonder how you can best prepare your high schooler for adulthood?

Teens need to learn how to manage their own schedules.

It’s important for high schoolers to grow in autonomy and independence.

But with so much busyness, it can be easy to let the time slip by without actively training our teens.

With five grown children, Well Planned Gal has walked in your shoes and knows how important it is to provide training for independence.

With the right resources, we can help our teens develop these crucial life skills.

I’ve homeschooled 5 kids through high school, and this made it possible!

As I processed everything that needed to be kept up with during the high school years, I knew we could get easily overwhelmed. Equipping my teens to manage their time well was the key to success for these years and beyond.

Each year, I evaluated the unique needs of each of my kids. This helped me create a line of high school resources that would work for a variety of personalities and needs. Even more importantly, students could grow in life skills with one-year planners while students and parents could work together to manage all four years of high school.

There's nothing like watching your high schooler tackle their daily responsibilities. The simple act of developing a plan, implementing a routine, and creating daily tasks makes all the difference in the high school years. I'm excited to share the tool that can help you navigate the high school journey.

Peek Inside the Well Planned Day High School Planner

Click on the sample below to preview the beautiful design of a high school planner as well as Well Planned Gal's step-by-step guide to planning your school year. You'll also find samples of the monthly content and bonus pages.

Planner Size: 6 x 9

Here’s Everything You’ll Find in Your

High School Planner and Time Management Training

True to the Well Planned Gal approach, we provide both the resources and the training you need to succeed.

This 192 page, 12 month, fully dated (July 1st - June 30th) planner includes instructions to help your student create a weekly rhythm, with weekly pages designed to help high schoolers track assignments, to-dos, routines, and more.

BONUS Make creating a transcript a breeze with the High School Transcript download, designed with step-by-step instructions, two transcript formats, and built-in formulas to calculate GPA.

High School Planner: $18.95

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2022-2023 High School Planner Features

2022-2023 Homeschool Planner Features

From class assignments to responsibilities and everything in between, this planner helps you learn the time management skills needed to manage it all.

  • Step-by-step instructions, combined with sample pages, ensure that you are able to easily help your teen learn how to use their planner well and establish a habit of time management.
  • Show your student how to both set a schedule for weekly success and establish long-term goals, like reading through a booklist.
  • Monthly spreads and project planning pages further help your student grasp the concept of big picture planning and goal setting, while life skill tips give them an idea of growth goals that need to be set.
  • New designs every month make it fun to keep up with the daily necessities such as school assignments, chores, and other responsibilities.
  • You high schooler can be encouraged as they look back on each semester and note successes and special memories.
  • Reference articles covering topics such as transcripts, credit requirements, and goals for each year help take the uncertainty out of these exciting years.

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably still have some questions about the High School planners.

I understand! You want to make sure that this is the system for you!

Let me share with you just a few of the questions our customers frequently ask.

Does this planner replace the need for the Homeschool Family Planner?

Many parents find that they no longer need Well Planned Day Homeschool Family Planner as their students progress into high school. It might be a good idea, however, to consider the High School 4 Year Plan to accompany this one-year planner.

How does this planner work with the 4 Year Plan?

The High School planner is a one-year planner specifically designed to help students learn time management skills. The 4 Year Plan is more of a long-term planner, designed to keep high school records all in one place to make transcript and portfolio creation simple. Using both planners will help you and your student have everything you need on hand when it comes time to deal with graduation and/or college application requirements.

Is this planner for students to use or for parents to plan lessons?

The High School Planner is designed to be used by students to manage their own time, assignments, and activities. Parents are encouraged to either use the High School 4 Year Plan or Well Planned Day to handle lesson planning.

How do my students use the routine boxes?

Does your student have sets of tasks that are the same each day? For instance, what does their morning or bedtime routine look like? Once each rounds of morning or evening routine tasks are completed each day, your student may check off the box for that day. Find more detailed information in the "How to Use Your Planner" article in the planner.

Does the High School Planner include a template for creating a transcript?

No, there is no template in the planner itself. When you purchase the High School Planner, however, you automatically receive our High School Transcript e-book as a bonus! This e-book includes step-by-step instructions for creating a transcript, samples of transcripts created by year or by subject, and transcript forms with GPA-calculating formulas built in.

These are the most commonly asked questions, but you might have more. If so, we encourage you to contact us at customerservice@wellplannedgal.com with any additional questions about Well Planned Day or any of our other planners and accessories!

Planner Bonus: High School Transcript E-Book


High School Transcript

It’s one thing to learn what information goes on a transcript. It’s quite another thing to actually create an official transcript to send to colleges, trade schools, or prospective employers.

With the High School Transcript e-book, that problem is solved!

This guide not only walks you step-by-step through not only the academic information that needs to go on a transcript but also helps you know what additional student information needs to be included on an official transcript. You’ll also find two transcript style samples to show you how to list courses by subject or by year.

Best of all, two blank transcript forms are included. Simply enter your student’s information and print for an official high school transcript!

E-Book emailed to customers in August 2023.