2023-2024 Student Planners

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Learning time management
and organizational skills will
be just as important as every
subject they learn.
Well Planned Day Student Planners

Learning time management
and organizational skills will
be just as important as every
subject they learn.
Well Planned Day Student Planners

"When I don't use a planner, I feel like I'm forgetting some of my assignments, so it's helpful for me to have them all written down in my planner. The amount of room for writing assignments is just right. I really like using this planner!"


Would you love to teach your student time management skills but aren’t sure where to start?

We know our students need to grow in independence.

We know we need to help them manage their own to-do lists and schedules.

In the hustle and bustle of life, though, we fall back on doing everything ourselves.

Well Planned Gal has faced this same challenge through the years and came up with a solution.

By teaching students how to use planners designed especially for them, they learn along the way!

I've homeschooled 5 kids and this changed their life.

As I juggled kids, school and home, I realized the key to getting it all done. By training my children to take responsibility for their own time, my own load was lightened while they also prepared for the demands of real life.

Each year, one child at a time, I fine tuned my student planners. Learning what worked with different personalities and learning styles, I created a system any student can use. I'll never forget the day my daughter finished her math in under forty minutes, a task that normally required a good part of a day with a lot of reminders, threats, and tears.

There’s nothing like watching your child take on the responsibility of their time, schoolwork, and chores. As parent and teacher we juggle responsibilities that requires diligence and perseverance. I'm excited to share the tool that can help you can train your child in time management.

Peek Inside the Well Planned Day Student Planner

Click on the sample below to preview the beautiful design of a student planner as well as Well Planned Gal's step-by-step guide to planning your school year. You'll also find samples of the monthly content and bonus pages.

Planner Size: 6 x 9

Forest: $16.95

Planner Size: 6 x 9

Butterfly: $16.95

Here’s Everything You’ll Find in Your

Student Planner and Time Management Training

True to the Well Planned Gal approach, we provide both the resources and the training you need to succeed.

This 184 page, 12 month, fully dated (July 1st - June 30th) planner includes instructions to help your student create a weekly rhythm, with weekly pages designed to guide middle schoolers through keeping up with school assignments, daily skills practice, and responsibilities.

BONUS: Make time management training even easier with the Teaching Time Management e-book, specially designed to guide middle school parents step-by-step through the time management training process.

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2023-2024 Student Planner Features

2023-2024 Homeschool Planner Features

From daily rhythms to assignments and to-do lists, this planner has the tools you need to teach your student time management skills.

  • Step-by-step instructions, complete with samples, show you how to teach your student the ins and outs of time management.
  • Show your student how to find their rhythm for the week while also managing long-term goals like reading through a booklist.
  • Monthly spreads and project planning pages help your student learn how to process the big picture of planning.
  • New designs every month make it fun to keep up with the daily necessities such as school assignments, chores, and other responsibilities.
  • Your student can see how far they've come each semester as they process through successes and achievements.
  • A comprehensive student reference section keeps important information easily accessible and at their fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably still have some questions about the Student planners.

I understand! You want to make sure that this is the system for you!

Let me share with you just a few of the questions our customers frequently ask.

What age is this planner recommended for?

This planner is designed for students in 5th-8th grade, but it can be used as early as 3rd grade. Strong reading and writing skills are good indicators that your student is ready to learn how to use their own planner. Some parents even merge copywork and planner training by having their students copy assignments from the main planner into their planner.

How do I encourage time management skills in children too young for this planner?

Check out the routine, chore, and schedule charts from Peel & Plan! These colorful sticker charts can stick and re-stick to any surface and allow you to easily help young children develop morning and evening routine habits, keep up with chores, and stay on track with the family schedule.

Is this planner only for homeschool students?

The Student Planner is actually great for students in any school setting, whether alternative or traditional! The included time management training guides parents through training their children at home in coordination with any educational system.

Does this planner replace a need for Well Planned Day?

Although middle schoolers can learn to keep up with a great deal on their own, they're probably not quite ready to be independently responsible for school assignments yet. Well Planned Day, My Well Planned Day online planner and lesson plans, or a curriculum with established lesson plans are still a good idea.

How do my students use the routine boxes?

Does your student have sets of tasks that are the same each morning and evening? For instance, what does his or her morning or bedtime routine look like? Each day, after completing their morning and evening routine, your student can check the boxes for that day. Find more detailed information in the "How to Use Your Planner" article in the planner.

These are the most commonly asked questions, but you might have more. If so, we encourage you to contact us at customerservice@wellplannedgal.com with any additional questions about Well Planned Day or any of our other planners and accessories!

Planner Bonus: Teaching Students to Plan E-Book


Teaching Students to Plan E-Book

What exactly is good time management? How do I know if my child is ready to learn time management skills? What does planning look like for an elementary or middle school student?

In this comprehensive e-book download, you’ll learn answers to these questions and more. Best of all, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to help you teach your student how to create a rhythm, set goals, build routines, and stay on top of weekly assignments and responsibilities. And don’t forget the importance of rewarding progress! We have tips for that, too.

Your student is on a steady path toward autonomy and independence. Help shape and guide them on this path by training them to manage each day well!

E-Book e-mailed to customers in August 2023.