Well Planned Start - 9th Grade

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Evaluating Academic Success

Created for any family, Well Planned Start allows parents to see exactly where their child is thriving or struggling. The placement includes guidelines and instructions to evaluate student proficiency while assessing the exact point of a student’s understanding of specific processes, procedures, and information.

The results give the parent a starting point for choosing curriculum or engaging in conversation with teachers to establish a plan for strengthening weak areas.


  • Parent Assessment
  • Student Placement
  • Includes Bible, History, Science, Math, & Language Arts
  • Plan of Action Worksheets
  • Parent Teaching Tips and Suggestions
  • Physical, Emotional, and Academic Milestone Checklists

The Well Planned Start has been organized and arranged in order of sequence. Each section has an introduction with detailed information on how to assess your student, administer the placement test, and understand the milestones.

Parent Assessment

The goal of this section is to become familiar with what your student knows. If your student has been attending school or hybrid homeschooling, this area will give you the opportunity to begin dialogues to understand the depth of understanding in each subject.

There are detailed instructions on how to use this assessment, as well as worksheets to journal your findings.

Student Placement

Unlike standardized testing, these student placements allow parents to see first hand the specific areas students excel and need help in. By using the guide to administer the assessment, you not only give instructions to your student, but you will also follow instructions that help you know what to watch for as the student works through the questions. This allows you to discover where the breakdown begins in the process.

Parent Teaching Tips

After administering assessments, you will find practical teaching tips and activity suggestions for every concepts covered in the placement. Use these suggested activities to strengthen low-scoring areas, keep your child challenged, fill in gaps and more!

Student Milestones

Complete with a checklist of milestones, Well Planned Start provides a year-long guide on what to expect from your child physically, emotionally, and academically. Beyond what they should achieve, we’ve included what they may achieve, including even advanced achievements. An additional checklist is included in each area to let you know how to help your child along the way.

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Where to Start
Where Do You Start?

If your student has finished the 9th grade and you want to make sure they are ready to proceed, this is the book to start with.

If your student is going into the 9th grade, you should assess using the 8th grade book; however, you could purchase the 9th grade book as a guide for what to cover or expect in the coming year.

If your student is coming out of a school system and you are unsure of where to start or your child’s educational experience, there are a few things to consider:

  • If your student struggled in 9th grade, start out by giving the 7th grade placement to ascertain any educational gaps. If your student scores well enough to proceed, give the 8th grade placement next.
  • If your child completed the 9th grade and neither struggled nor excelled, begin with the 8th grade placement to ascertain any educational gaps. If your student tests well enough to proceed, give the 9th grade placement next.
  • If your child excelled in the 9th grade, start with this book and proceed according to the assessment score.
  • If your child is special needs, professional diagnostic testing is recommended. If you choose to use Well Planned Start, administer the test using your best judgment while making accommodations for the needs of your child.
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