Quick Custom High School Digest Planner - Circles White Background - Connections Cover

Teaching Time Management Skills

High school students are juggling a lot. They are learning to manage their own time more, balancing school work with jobs and other responsibilities that are helping them prepare for adulthood. This is a stage of life when solid time management resources are more important than ever!

High School Planners are here to help! With engaging designs, step-by-step instructions, informative articles written specifically for high school students, and space for managing school and life, Well Planned Day High School Planners are the perfect high school time management resource.

  • QUICK CUSTOM FEATURES: Customize your planner by selecting color or white background, spiral size, and starting month.
  • INSPIRATIONAL CONTENT: Add further customization by selecting from our range of inspirational content, including a read through the Bible plan (found on monthly calendar), as well as weekly Bible verses and inspirational quotes.
  • STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS: Step-by-step instructions, complete with samples, teach your student how to get the most out of their planner.
  • HIGH SCHOOL ARTICLES: Articles covering everything from credits and transcripts to testing and electives help your student better understand the high school journey.
  • PLANNING WORKSHEETS: A variety of worksheets guide your student through setting semester goals, evaluating semester success, and finding a rhythm by setting schedules and routines.

Planner Highlights

This 12 month, fully dated planner has the tools high school students need to master time management skills while preparing for adulthood.


  • Each Semester: Create a Schedule and Morning/Evening Routines
  • Each Month: Enjoy a Helpful High School Tip
  • Weekly Spread: Checklists for Assignments and Responsibilities
  • Weekly Spread: Open Space for Planning Weekend Activities
  • Weekly Spread: Morning and Evening Routine Tracker


  • Informative High School Articles
  • Yearly Checklist to Stay on Top of Each Year
  • Each Semester: Set Credit Goals and Evaluate Success
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Frequently Asked Questions

Since I'm choosing a start month for my planner, will it still include a full 12 months?

Yes! Your planner will include 12 full months of planning pages, beginning with the month you choose for your start date.

Is this planner all we need for homeschool planning, or do I need other planners as well?

The High School Planner helps your student keep track of their assignments and strengthen their time management skills. It does not, however, provide enough space for full homeschool planning.

We recommend the High School 4 Year Plan for creating lesson plans, recording any relevant high school activities, and keeping track of everything you'll need for preparing a transcript, creating a high school portfolio, applying for scholarships, and completing college applications.

Does the Quick Custom planner include all of the same pages as the standard High School Planner?

The Quick Custom planner will mirror the content of our familiar High School Planner, while allowing you to choose your preferred start month, design, coil size, and any desired inspirational content.

Can I use the High School Planner for more than one student?

The High School Planner is designed to be used by one student. You will need a separate planner for each student.

Can the High School Planner be used for middle school students or college students?

The High School Planner is specifically designed for use in 9th-12th grade, although 8th grade students completing high school level courses might also find this planner useful. However, we recommend the Student Planner for middle school students and the College Planner for college students.

These are the most commonly asked questions, but you might have more. If so, we encourage you to contact us at customerservice@wellplannedgal.com with any additional questions about Well Planned Day or any of our other planners and accessories!