2 Week Meal Rotation, Landscape, 10x13P

Peel and Plan Meal Plan Charts

Menu planning is easier than ever with these bright and colorful meal plan peels! These reusable sticker charts can stick to any surface and can even be moved to a different location as often as you desire, ensuring that the whole family stays on top of the meal plan for each day.

You can select from our wide range of delightful designs, with sizes that allow you to write in meals for two weeks, four weeks, or by the month.

Our ready-to-go designs, complete with coordinating Peel & Plan Markers, provide a variety of meal plan options. Some include space for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while others leave the space open to fit your unique family needs. Choose the size and style that best fits your family!

Additional Features

Here are just a few of the features that make Meal Plan Charts perfect for your family: :

  • AVAILABLE IN A VARIETY OF SIZES: Choose the chart size that meets your space and family needs. Meal Plan Charts come in both portrait and landscape layouts in 8x10, 10x8, 10x13, and 13x10 sizes.
  • WRITE IN MEALS: Our ready-to-go designs, complete with coordinating Peel & Plan Markers, provide space to write in meals in a way that fits your family's unique needs.
  • MARKERS INCLUDED: Comes with coordinating Peel & Plan Markers. NOTE: Only Peel & Plan’s special markers will work on Peel & Plan stickers. All other pens and markers, including dry and wet erase markers, will damage your peel and cannot be used.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I customize my Peel & Plan Meal Plan Chart?
      Customization happens at home! Simply use the included Peel & Plan Markers to fill in exactly what meets your unique family needs.
    • Can I return my Peel & Plan Meal Plan Chart?
      No, all Peel & Plan sales are final, so please be sure to double-check any details prior to placing your order.
    • Can I use other markers on my Peel & Plan Chore Chart?
      No, only our branded Peel & Plan markers are designed to be used with the Peel & Plan stickers. Any marks made with other markers will be permanent and will not wipe off.
    • Are there any surfaces I can't use Peel & Plan on?
      Peel & Plan is safe for any surface. It is recommended, however, that you wait a minimum of 72 hours before sticking your Peel & Plan sticker on a freshly painted surface, as the paint needs to be fully dry to prevent damage to the painted surface.
    How to Use

    How To Use

    Using Peel & Plan is easy!

    Start by removing your Peel & Plan sticker from its backing and stick it to any surface you desire! (Note: If you have a freshly painted wall, be sure to wait 72 hours before using Peel & Plan to ensure that the paint has fully dried first.)

    Need to move or reposition your peel? No problem! Simply pull your peel off the current surface and either place it back on the backing for storage or move it to a new location. If the peel seems to have lost its stickiness, rinse it off with water and let it dry to reset the sticky surface.

    You can also write on Peel & Plan products! Write ONLY using the special Peel & Plan Markers included with your peel. Use a damp paper towel, wash cloth, or dish towel to erase any writing. Wipe using gentle pressure, but do not scrub.

    Your surface should now be clean and ready for reuse!

    Peel & Plan Hack: After continual use, you may find that you have faint, stubborn markings that won’t come off with gentle pressure. Instead of scrubbing, simply grab a hair dryer and apply heat for a few seconds. All residual ink will disappear, leaving your Peel & Plan sticker looking good as new!

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