Curriculum Schedule for 6th Grade Math, BJU Press 3rd Edition

This curriculum schedule was designed to be used with BJU Press 6th Grade Math, a curriculum that combines the flexibility of homeschooling with the structure of textbook learning that many parents are familiar and comfortable with.

In 6th Grade Math, students will use flashcard drill, manipulative activities, other multisensory exercises, worktext assignments, and tests to learn, reinforce, and solidify math concepts. This year, students will reinforce previously learned skills while also exploring new skills, including geometry, statistics, graphs, solving for variables, and critical thinking.

Curriculum Needed for This Course Schedule*

  • Math 6 Teacher's Edition with CD (3rd ed.)
  • Math 6 Student Text (3rd ed.)
  • Math 4-6 Teacher Manipulatives Packet (3rd ed.)
  • Math 4-6 Student Manipulatives Packet (3rd ed.)
  • Math 6 Tests (3rd ed.)
  • Math 6 Tests Answer Key (3rd ed.)

*These items must be purchased separately.

Schedule Overview

  • Total Number of Weeks: 36
  • Total Number of Lessons: 180
  • Daily Time: 45 minutes

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Digital Sample


Below is a sample of what to expect using this course schedule.

Lesson Sample


Below is a sample of a weekly printable of a student schedule.

Lesson Plan Book List

Below you will find the curriculum required for this course schedule. All items must be purchased separately.

Math 4-6 Teacher Manipulatives Packet (3rd ed.)

This packet accompanies BJU Press' Math 4, Math 5, and Math 6 curriculum. This visual packet contains colorful teaching charts to use with the lessons and to display in the classroom. This packet contains pocket charts, rulers, fraction kit, place value kits, number cards, number lines, measurement flashcards, and multiplication/division fact family flashcards for teacher demonstration. All of these visuals are perforated for easy preparation and are large versions of the items provided for each student in the Math Student Manipulatives Packets.

Math 4-6 Student Manipulative Packet (3rd ed.)

This student manipulative packet includes the manipulatives needed for Math 4, Math 5, and Math 6. Charts, clocks, pop-out place value markers, timelines, money, fraction wheels, and other manipulatives are included. Glue-binding for easy removal.

Math 6 Student Text (3rd ed.)

Build your students' knowledge of the foundational math skills they'll need for both everyday life and higher-level math. Units cover adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers, fractions and decimals. Equations, plane-figure geometry, measurement, ratios, statistics, probability, and integers are also covered. Pages feature full-color photographs, illustrations, and charts to reinforce concepts; career-links, biographies of mathematicians, and mathematical links to historical events are included for added interest. 520 pages, softcover. 6th grade.

Math 6 Teacher's Edition with CD (3rd ed.)

This teacher's guide accompanies BJU Press' sold-separately Math Student Text, Grade 6, 3rd Edition.Reduced-size student pages have the correct answers overlaid in 1/4 of the two-page spread. A page and a half are devoted to lesson notes, including objectives, specific teacher materials needed, teacher preparation for the lesson, notes, how to introduce the lesson, and the lesson itself. Semi-scripted lessons include questions to ask students are in blue, with the correct answer in pink; directions for what to explain, display, distribute, or other teacher actions are printed in black. Story problems are set off in specific boxes for easy reference. New units have a story to introduce them, as well as a sequence for the unit's lessons' topics, objectives, and materials.>/p>

The included Teacher's Toolkit CD provides application pages, assessment pages, calculator activities, review pages and review page answer keys, fun fact activities, fact review, a handbook, instructional aids, math facts, solutions, student text answer keys, teaching visuals, and more. 454 pages, spiralbound with soft frontcover and hard backcover.

Math 6 Tests Answer Key (3rd ed.)

This test answer key accompanies BJU Press' sold-separately Math 6 Tests, 3rd Edition. Each test is a full page reproduction of the actual student test with the correct answers filled in. Answers are on individual, loose-leaf sheets that are three-hole-punched.

Math 6 Tests (3rd ed.)

Evaluate your students' progress and provide assessment with this set of tests in BJU Press' Math Grade 6 curriculum. Tests include a variety of problems to solve, including word problems, charts, and matching; tests for each unit are included. Third Edition.