Curriculum Schedule for History: AOP LIFEPAC History and Geography Grade 1

For students who love workbook learning, LIFEPAC offers a methodical, unit-based approach to teaching history from an integrated perspective. With LIFEPAC History and Geography, your student will explore history from a Christian worldview while covering most, if not all, of the following six strands at each grade level: geography, history, government, citizenship, economics, and social studies. These lesson plans provide a full, one-year scheduling while also allowing you to fully utilize the self-paced nature of LIFEPACS. Combine lessons to allow more progress on light days, or bump heavier lessons if more practice is needed. Self Test days are scheduled with minimal work to allow you to add in additional practice work, if needed.

LIFEPAC History and Geography 1st grade Topics

  • being a child of God and a part of His family
  • places people live
  • community helpers like firemen and policemen
  • our nation's early history
  • what a globe is and how the world is divided into different countries

Curriculum Needed for This Course Schedule*

  • Lifepac History & Geography Grade 1 Complete Set

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Schedule Overview

  • Total Number of Weeks: 36
  • Total Number of Assignments: 180
  • Daily Time: approximately 30 minutes

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AOP LIFEPAC History and Geography Grade 1

Lifepac Social Studies: History & Geography curriculum helps students to understand the world - and their place in it - through studying history, cultures and the environment. Perfect for students who flourish in a self-paced learning environment, each consumable workbook combines lessons, exercises, projects, reviews and tests.