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Training, Homeschool Resources, and More!

A planner is only useful if you know how to use it. That's why the entire Well Planned Day line is created with time management training built right into every planner.

But sometimes you need a little more help. I'm always excited to offer extras that add more detail, information, and assistance to every planner. And this year I get to offer the best set of Planner Extras ever!

To get the fun started, gain access to a full video course, designed to offer targeted training for homeschoolers, as well as 48-title series of homeschool e-books! Find encouragement for the journey through our private Facebook page and live monthly Q&A sessions.

But what's a planner without planner training? Each month, you'll find a special planner tip as well as special, private monthly deals available only to our Well Planned Gal Insiders! Round out the resources with custom organizational stickers, specially designed to match your planner.

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What's Included?

Here are all the resources you'll find in the Well Planned Day Planner Extras set:

  • Homeschool TEACHINGS Course
    With 12 lessons covering everything from adopting a homeschool approach and choosing curriculum to lesson planning, teaching, staying motivated, and much more, this course will give you the training you need to enjoy a well-planned school year.
  • 48 Homeschool E-Books
    These downloadable e-books are packed full of resources designed to help you understand learning styles, learn to teach certain topics or subjects well, gain confidence in teaching high school, and find a wide array of books and resources to aid you on your journey.
  • Private Facebook Group
    Open only to those who purchase a Well Planned Gal planner, this group is designed to help you find encouragement and answers to real-time questions from others who are walking the same homeschooling and planning journey you're walking.
  • Custom Organizational Stickers
    As useful as our planners are, it can also be helpful to have schedules, routines, and more posted for all to see. With our custom stickers from Peel & Plan, designed to coordinate with your planner, you can safely place your sticker on any surface, remove it, and stick it again to ensure it's in the best location possible.
  • Monthly Planning Tips
    Strengthen your planning abilities month after month with tips structured to build on what you're learning each step of the way.
  • Monthly Super Deals
    Who doesn't love a great deal? Each month, you'll find an exclusive deal available only to Well Planned Gal Insiders.
  • Live Monthly Q&A Sessions
    Have questions? Need to talk out a problem or need with someone who has been there and done that? Our live Q&A sessions provide you the opportunity to do just that!
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