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Mark Your Spot!

Whether you need to quickly turn to the current week, mark a project for easy access, or remind yourself of where you jotted down a note, these snap-in bookmarks make it easy to mark multiple spots in your planner. Made for durability and repeated use, these bookmarks can be easily snapped in and out for repeated use. Each set comes with three bookmarks, designed in blue, peach, and green and is designed to fit in the entire line of Well Planned Day planners.

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    Comes as a set of 3 snap-in bookmarks
    Sized to fit plastic coil binding with a pitch of 3.2:1 (3.2 holes to every 1 inch)
    By spacing the snap-in bookmarks, you can stack them throughout your planner to easily find your spot.

All of the Well Planned Day snap-on accessories are designed with durability and versatility in mind. The plastic covers, bookmarks, and pockets snap in to place with quick, firm pressure, then pull back out easily with a gentle tug.

Covers can be reversed or interchanged with ease, and the bookmarks and pockets are designed to be snapped out and back in as often as needed to mark spots or store extra papers.

Line the bookmarks up with the spine to keep the marker completely contained within your planner or snap them higher for easy access. Snap-on accessories are designed to be used only with spiral coils that have a pitch of 3.2 holes per inch (3.2:1).

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Price $6.95
ISBN 738607449761
Publisher Well Planned Gal
Format Bookmarks
Dimensions 2.25 in x 6.25 in
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