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Portfolio preparation made easy!

Make high school organization simple with this High School Portfolio Binder. Used with or without the 4 Year Plan, this 2" binder can become your one-stop storage location for everything required to create an accurate transcript and build a solid high school portfolio. The binder comes with tabs that coordinate with the High School 4 Year Plan and the Well Planned High School Forms set.

  • 6 TABS
    4 Year Plan, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior and Next Steps
  • 3 RINGS
    Fits 550 sheets of standard paper.
    High School 4 Year Planner is 336 pages, leaving 214 pages of space.
    High School Forms is 82 pages, leaving 468 pages of space.

Keep all of your high school information, records, and keepsakes neat and organized in this beautiful 2" three-ring binder. Use each of the four tabs to store samples of work, test scores, volunteer information, and more for each year. The High School 4 Year Plan can be unbound and inserted easily into the binder, or simply utilize the Well Planned High School Forms in the same manner.

The information stored in your binder will allow you to easily find everything you need when it comes time to create a high school transcript (including the transcript forms!). And when you need to create a portfolio, simply grab a smaller folder or binder, pull the needed reports and samples from your binder, and you're all set!

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How to Use

Using Your 4 Year Plan


When my oldest started high school, I knew I needed a new planner. This one would be different from any of my other planners because it would be as much about record-keeping as lesson planning. The result of my brainstorming was the High School 4 Year Plan, a resource designed to ensure that my high schooler and I would have everything we needed all in one place when it came time to create her transcript or a portfolio.

When it came to keeping up with records, though, I discovered that there were always a few extras that needed to be kept as well. Samples of work, test scores, awards, and more all needed to be sorted and organized, and I didn’t want to just slide them into the planner and run the risk of losing them. So, I decided instead to purchase a binder, remove the spiral binding from the 4 Year Plan, and store everything together inside the binder.

What Is A College Portfolio


The high school years are a busy season, and time can quickly get away from even the most organized student. If your student is planning to attending a college or university, however, it is important to think ahead! This is especially important when it comes to create a college portfolio.

A college portfolio is a presentation of accomplishments and achievements throughout the high school years. Even if your student has not yet made a decision about whether or not to attend college, it would be wise to begin a portfolio during their freshman year. If college ends up not being the route your student chooses, the portfolio can still be a great resource when applying for a job or pursuing training in a specific trade or profession.

For those who do choose to attend college, the application and portfolio are your student’s first impression to admission boards. For this reason, it is important for your student to make sure their portfolio is well organized and professional. The typical portfolio is created and maintained in a three ring binder divided, using tabs, either by high school year or subject matter. The latter is often preferable when applying for a specific scholarship or major.