Curriculum Schedule for Physical Science 9th Grade, BJU Press 5th Edition

This curriculum schedule was designed to be used with BJU Press 9th Grade Physical Science, a curriculum that combines the flexibility of homeschooling with the structure of textbook learning that many parents are familiar and comfortable with.

Well Planned Gal's course schedule helps you keep your student on track throughout the year while also providing the flexibility you need to make adjustments as needed along the way.

In BJU's 9th grade physical science course, your student will learn the benefits of studying science. The course then goes on to establish a foundational exploration of physics, showing with each concept how science is relevant to a Christian worldview.

Curriculum Needed for This Course Schedule*

  • Physical Science Teacher's Edition
  • Physical Science Teacher's Edition Lab Manual
  • Physical Science Student Lab Manual
  • Physical Science Student Text
  • Physical Science Tests
  • Physical Science Tests Answer Key

*These items must be purchased separately.

Schedule Overview

  • Total Number of Weeks: 36
  • Total Number of Assignments: 179
  • Daily Time: approximately 50 minutes

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Digital Sample


Below is a sample of what to expect using this course schedule.

Lesson Sample


Below is a sample of a weekly printable of a student schedule.

Lesson Plan Book List

Below you will find the curriculum required for this course schedule. All items must be purchased separately.

Physical Science Student Text (5th ed.)

Beginning with an introduction to why we do science, the Physical Science Student Text, 5th ed., gradually builds the student’s understanding of physics concepts in a logical sequence. Beginning with classical mechanics, the text progresses through work and energy, wave phenomena, electricity and magnetism, and light and optics. These transition naturally into the chemistry topics, beginning with the atomic model, then to elements and compounds, chemical reactions, and finishing with solutions, and acids, basis, and salts. Every chapter shows by example why the subject matter is relevant to a Christian worldview of science.

Physical Science Student Lab Manual (5th ed.)

Physical Science Student Lab Manual, 5th ed., includes 42 hands-on lab activities, two labs per chapter. Each lab reinforces key concepts of the chapter, enhancing the overall learning experience, encouraging higher-level thinking skills, and aiding in knowledge retention. The manual is printed in full color and is illustrated with many useful diagrams and photos that aid in completing the labs and understanding the key concepts.

Note, for a complete educational experience, additional laboratory purchases may be required.

Physical Science Teacher's Edition with CD (5th ed.)

The Physical Science Teacher’s Edition (2 volumes), 5th ed., provides the teacher with all the resources needed to teach an effective integrated physics and chemistry course from a Christian perspective. The introduction provides a philosophical overview of the course, a day-by-day lesson plan overview, and a chart illustrating the textbook’s compliance with approved National Science Education Content Standards. The Teacher’s Edition is printed in full color with wrap-around margins. Copious teaching hints, background information, and links and references to ancillary materials are located in the side margins. Complete answers to review questions are located in the bottom margins.

Physical Science Teacher's Edition Lab Manual (5th ed.)

Arranged similarly to the student Textbook TE, the Physical Science Teacher’s Edition Lab Manual, 5th ed., provides all the necessary information for completing each lab activity successfully. Equipment and material lists are provided for each lab as well as detailed, step-by-step instructions. A consolidated equipment and materials list is provided at the end of the textbook. Many margin entries address key philosophy of science principles that students should understand as part of their science education.

Physical Science Tests (5th ed.)

Physical Science Tests, 5th ed., provide a single test per chapter. The test questions cover the entire chapter using a variety of question formats to ensure a fair assessment of the student’s knowledge and critical-thinking skills. Many tests include illustrations.

Physical Science Tests Answer Key (5th ed.)

Physical Science Tests Answer Key, 5th ed. includes a reproduction of the student tests with the answers overprinted and page references for the answers.