Curriculum Schedule for IEW Following Narnia Volume 2: Aslan's Country

This curriculum schedule is designed to be used alongside IEW's Following Narnia Volume 2: Aslan's Country, a resource designed to help your student learn writing while journeying through Narnia.

Well Planned Gal's schedule helps you keep your student on track while also maintaining flexibility in your homeschool schedule.

Following Narnia uses CS Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia series to teach middle school and high school students how to write with structure and style. In Volume 2, students explore relevant topics, learn wordlists, and complete lessons based on reading assignments from the final four books of the Chronicles of Narnia series.

Note: This course is designed with the assumption that the parent or instructor has been through the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style seminar or course. Find lesson plans for the course here: Teaching Writing: Structure and Style.

Curriculum Needed for This Course Schedule*

  • Following Narnia Volume 2: Aslan's Country
  • Prince Caspian
  • The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  • The Silver Chair
  • The Last Battle
  • *These items must be purchased separately.

Schedule Overview

  • Total Number of Weeks: 36
  • Total Number of Assignments: 179
  • Daily Time: approximately 20 minutes

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Grade Middle School, High School, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Subject Language Arts
Publisher Institute for Excellence in Writing
Lesson Style Classical
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Lesson Sample


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Lesson Plan Book List

Below you will find the curriculum required for this course schedule. All items must be purchased separately.

Following Narnia Volume 2 Teacher/Student Combo

Learn advanced writing skills while exploring the enchanted land of Narnia through structure and style.





The Silver Chair

Over seventy years have passed in Narnia since The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Once again, Narnia is in danger. Prince Rilian is missing, and there is great fear that there will be no one to take over the crown when old King Caspian dies. Tag along on Eustace and Jill's adventures as they go in search of the missing prince.

Prince Caspian

Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are called back to Narnia where the tyrant Miraz is trying to steal the crown from its rightful owner, Prince Caspian. Warned of this danger by Doctor Cornelius, Caspian flees to the forests and mountains. It is here that Caspian begins to make new friends and gather the forces of an army. Will Caspian's loyal supporters be able to defeat Miraz, or will the old ways of Narnia be lost forever?


The Last Battle

During the final days of Narnia, this land encounters its fiercest challenge yet. This danger comes not from foreign invaders, but from an enemy within. Lies and treason have taken root and only the king and his small group of loyal followers can prevent destruction in the magnificent finale of The Chronicles of Narnia.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Lucy, Edmund, and their peevish cousin Eustace sail to the land of Narnia on a ship called the Dawn Treader. The King of Narnia, Caspian, is on board, and the group encounters many adventures as they sail to the edge of the world. They get captured by slave traders, come across strange lands with unusual creatures, and poor Eustace even turns into a dragon!