Curriculum Schedule for 7th Grade Science, BJU Press 4th Edition

This curriculum schedule was designed to be used with BJU Press 7th Grade Science, a curriculum that combines the flexibility of homeschooling with the structure of textbook learning that many parents are familiar and comfortable with.

Well Planned Gal's course schedule helps you keep your student on track throughout the year while also providing the flexibility you need to make adjustments as needed along the way.

In this seventh grade life science course, students will establish a biblically sound foundation in life sciences that will prepare them for high school, while also learning about how to use science in general as a tool. Specific topics covered included cell biology, genetics, the history of life, microbiology, botany, zoology, ecology, and human anatomy and physiology.

Curriculum Needed for This Course Schedule*

  • Life Science Teacher's Edition with CD (4th ed., 2 vols.)
  • Life Science Lab Manual Teacher's Edition (4th ed.)
  • Life Science Tests Answer Key (4th ed.)
  • Life Science Student Text (4th ed.)
  • Life Science Student Lab Manual (4th ed.)
  • Life Science Tests (4th ed.)
  • Biology Dissection Labs [DVD]
  • Science Lab Kit for Life Science (4th ed.)

*These items must be purchased separately.

Schedule Overview

  • Total Number of Weeks: 36
  • Total Number of Assignments: 176
  • Daily Time: approximately 60 minutes

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Digital Sample


Below is a sample of what to expect using this course schedule.

Lesson Sample


Below is a sample of a weekly printable of a student schedule.

Lesson Plan Book List

Below you will find the curriculum required for this course schedule. All items must be purchased separately.

Life Science Student Lab Manual (4th ed.)

This lab manual accompanies BJU Press' sold-separately BJU Life Science Grade 7 Text. Activities provide an opportunity to solidify text concepts, develop lab skills, learn to record and interpret data, build problem-solving skills, and more. Two types of activities are included: "Applications" and "Inv estigations." Applications are worksheet-based activities that reinforce vocabulary, thinking skills, and concepts. Investigations are hands-on exercises that include experiments, library research, colleting objects, or other activities. Full-color pages provide space for students to record observations and their thoughts. 376 perforated pages, three-hole-punched, softcover. Grade 7.

Life Science Lab Manual Teacher's Edition (4th ed.)

This BJU Press Lab Manual teacher's edition accompanies the BJU Press Life Science Grade 7 Student Activity Lab Manual, 4th Edition. Student pages are reproduced with the correct answers overlaid for easy grading. Where applicable, the margins include homeschool tips, teaching hints, helpful experiment suggestions, visuals to integrate, and more. 389 pages, spiralbound, soft front-cover hard back-cover.

Life Science Teacher's Edition with CD (4th ed., 2 vols.)

This teacher's edition accompanies BJU Press' sold-separately BJU Life Science Grade 7 Student Text, 4th Edition. Reduced-size reproductions of the student pages are surrounded by lesson notes that include answers, background information, objectives, notes on visuals, suggested teaching schedules, vocabulary notes, and other helpful information. Unit introductions gives teachers an overview, chapter goals, a lesson plan chart with page numbers, suggested materials, and bulletin board ideas.

The included Teacher's Toolkit CD provides a visual gallery, section quizzes, crossword puzzles, extra readings, extra applications and investigations, concept maps, and animations. CD System requirements are: Pentium IV processor, 256 MB RAM, 1024 x 768 display size, Windows XP or Mac OS Leopard (10.5) OS.

Life Science Tests (4th ed.)

These tests accompany BJU Press' Science Grade 7, 4th Edition curriculum. They include only the tests; answers may be purchased separately in the BJU Life Science Grade 7 Test Key, 4th Edition. Questions include matching, map quizzes, short answer, essay, true/false and multiple choice. Tests are not reproducible; they include a test for each chapter. Glue binding for easy removal.

Science Lab Kit for Life Science (4th ed.)

Conducting hands-on science experiments doesn't have to be a difficult process! This kit contains most of the materials needed in order to complete the activities in the BJU Press Science 7 4th Edition curriculum. Parents will have to provide some additional common household objects or some equipment (e.g. a microscope)

Life Science Student Text (4th ed.)

"Life Sciences" is the study of the living wonders that surround us every day; your students will learn to appreciate the wonders of Nature, as well as its Creator, in BJU Press' 7th Grade Life Science Curriculum. The basics of science are covered, including classification of species, cell structure, relationships among organisms, genetics, microbiology, botany, zoology, and ecology, as well as more complicated topics such as evolution and creation, reproduction, and man's relationship to the environment. Illustrations help to reinforce abstract concepts through diagrams, cartoons, charts, and more. Special features in the chapter include "Facets of life science," "career feature," "thinking critically," and "connections in science," which connect inter-disciplinary or in tra-disciplinary topics and highlight real-life issues or questions to think about.

Section reviews are incorporated throughout the chapter with quizzes at the end of each chapter help to ensure mastery. Appendices on classification, word roots, the metric system, and and an expanded glossary and index are included. 611 pages, softcover.

Life Science Tests Answer Key (4th ed.)

This test answer key accompanies the sold-separately BJU Life Science Tests, Grade 7, 4th Edition. Full size reproductions of the student tests have the correct answers overlaid. Looseleaf and three-hole-punched.

Biology Dissection Labs [DVD]

Receive one-on-one instruction before you start your dissection experiment! This DVD by Bob Jones University biology and science department chairman Tom Coss features detailed instruction on how to dissect a crayfish, frog, perch and worm. He begins by noting external features, then through the process of dissection, demonstrating proper technique. 72 minutes on DVD.